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Bladerunner Poster

This was something done for fun. It started with some doodles whilst watching the movie. I usually draw in this style whilst doodling as it is more fun and playful, and then take these drawings to the next stage of realism/construction.
However, this time I had so much fun drawing these characters in my loose style that I decided to take them straight to colour. I didn't change much from the initial sketches. I found it very refreshing, and as a result, I had way more fun on this piece.

Paul tinker bladerunner

Finished Piece

Paul tinker crop1

Close Up 1

Paul tinker crop2

Close Up 2

Paul tinker crop3

Close Up 3

Paul tinker bladerunnerlines

Line Work

Paul tinker bladerunnerrough

The scanned doodles

Paul tinker bladerunnerthanks

Thanks for looking!